1. longboardsandsoftails:

    First light, 4-6 ft with ze offshore winds… Australia. Photo: Bluesnapper

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  2. hurley:

    Stay out of the sun, not the spotlight. 

    The Original Washed Out hat, available here

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  5. surfing-the-salt-life:

    Little Nathan

    Photo Credit: Mom John

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  7. surf4living:

    mitch crews goes down

    video: samsung

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  8. youngdumbandempty:


    me at pipe. taken by Jeff Flindt 

    stylin as fuck david damn wowow

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  10. sophisticatedscoundrels:

    “The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. It’s people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages.”


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    john throws the tail | south africa

    ph: sacha specker

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